Drafting, blocking and passing…


Dubbo Triathlon Club uses the Triathlon Australia (TA) Race Competition Rules and special IRONMAN Rules operating under the ‘three strikes and you are out’ principle.

Any and all infringements across the event count toward your three strikes. In other words, any combination of three rule infringements will result in Disqualification(DQ).

Three particular special rules you need to be aware of are:

1. Drafting – The draft distance is 12 metres (7 bike lengths) between bikes (back wheel to front wheel).

2. Passing – A pass must be completed once the 12 metre distance is entered i.e. athletes may not drop back out of the draft distance within 25 seconds.

3. Blocking – Riding on the right side of the bike lane and preventing other cyclists from legally passing you.

During the bike leg Drafting, Blocking, Illegal Pass, no or unstrapped Helmet and Littering infringements incur a 4 minute time penalty to be served at the next Penalty Box on the lap of the infringement as advised by a Technical Official. Failure to stop at the next Penalty Box or not stop on the lap the infringement issued may result in a Disqualification (DQ). There is no designated Penalty Box on the run leg so if you receive a yellow card penalty on the run leg you will serve an on-course Stop/Start penalty with Technical Official on the spot.

Other infringements include failure to display your race number, competing with any distracting device (such as an ipod), and receiving outside assistance.

To minimise any misunderstanding on race day, the following summarises the above rules:

Avoid a Blocking infringement by riding on the left side of the bike lane.

Avoid a Drafting infringement by knowing the drafting and passing rules.

Avoid an Illegal Pass infringement by passing other athletes on the right.

• Avoid a Littering infringement by throwing away any rubbish or bottles within the “Discard drop zones” only when approaching or exiting aid stations.

• Avoid a Helmet infringement by always having your chin strap securely fastened when moving with your bike, including while in transition.

Other common rule infringements are;

• Unauthorised equipment – mobile phones, MP3 players, Oakley Thumps, iPods or other audio listening or communication devices will result in a DQ.

• Outside assistance – outside assistance from anyone other than race personnel will result in a DQ.

• Non-racers who ride or run alongside you may result in a DQ.

• Personal toilet stops – Conducting personal toilet stops other than at the on-course toilet facilities provided is also an infringement and may result in a DQ.

Triathlon is an individual event and it is your responsibility to fully understand the rules and avoid infringements.

A Technical Official’s ruling is final in the case of Drafting, Blocking and Illegal Pass infringements (Judgment Calls) and these are not subject to either protest or appeal.

Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, supporters and officials with courtesy and consideration.  Failure to do so is unsportsmanlike Conduct and may result in a DQ.

But most of all, remember to have fun and ask another Club member if you are unsure!