Member Profile: Susan Madden

profile pic-1Occupation: Executive Officer of Macquarie River Food & Fibre

Years in triathlon: 1 1/2 at a stretch

Interests other than triathlon: Touch footy, netball, cycling, horse riding, walking the dog… anything to get me out of doing house work!

Pet hate:  People crowding the baggage carousel at the airport!! 

Favourite food: Chips – baked, fried, hot, cold, potato, sweet potato, beetroot, you name it…

Greatest moment in triathlon:  Completing the 2km swim leg in the murky McIntyre for a family team at this year’s Hell of the West.  The swim leg was what had stopped me trying triathlon earlier and only a couple of months before I had backstroked my way through my first ever river swim at the Dubbo Tri because I didn’t want to put my face in the water.  For anyone worried about getting in the river I’d highly recommend getting along to the Wednesday night training swim and Friday aquathons.

Describe yourself in three words: More introvert than extrovert, more optimist than pessimist, more determined than not

Favourite band/music: Cold Play.  Loving A Sky Full of Stars.

Favourite leg in triathlon: Bike

Do you have any big races coming up?: The Michael Martin Team Challenge!!  Get down there!!

 If you would like to someone else for the next you can contact committee member Paige Williams on 0418 443 876 or by emailing