Club Rules


  • The official entry form must be completed and signed by the intending competitor. Completion of which represents the acceptance of all entry conditions.
  • All competitors are required to declare which race they will be competing at registration, those raced being Championship or modified course.
  • Each race will offer a Club Championship course or a negotiable modified distance course. Negotiated distances may only be less than Club Championship distances. Some races may have group starts.
  • All competitors are required to attend race registration, which will commence 45 minutes before race start, and must attend the race briefing, which will be 15 minutes prior to race start.
  • All competitors must complete   form prior to their first race. Participants-Agreement Non-members will be required to complete the agreement prior to each race and can race up to 3 times before being required to obtain full membership.


  • Triathlon Australia race rules apply, as do general road rules.
  • Roads used for cycling WILL NOT be closed to traffic, therefore NSW Road and Traffic Authority road rules apply.
  • All race marshals and officials will control and supervise triathlon competitor movements ONLY.
  • Officials and marshals WILL NOT interrupt general traffic flow, and competitors must adhere to correct ‘Give Way’ procedures.
  • Any competitor who fails to follow a marshal’s instruction will be disqualified.
    and will result in disqualification.

Complete race rules can be found on the Triathlon Australia website >>>


  • Must be a financial member of Dubbo Triathlon Club to accumulate points for that race – more information on becoming a member is available here >>>
  • Points are awarded to both male and female competitors in the Sprint Course, 1st places receives 11 points, 2nd place 10 points, and so on down to 11th place.
  • Dubbo Triathlon Club members competing at Interclub races during the season will accrue race points (minimum of 5 for attending) toward the local Club Awards –
    find out more about Interclub races here >>>
  • Members are expected to marshal or compete alongside a Junior Club Member (part of our commitment to junior development) at least once during the race season.
  • Junior members are not required to marshal.

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